Programme for workshops.

Applying Text Mining Methods for Sensory Evaluation Research


Organizers: Sébastien Lê, Jacob Lahne

Participants: Sébastien Lê, Anne Hasted, Jacob Lahne, Alexiane Luc, Benjamin Mahieu, Leticia Vidal

Facilitator: Jean A McEwan

Sebastian Le, Jakob Lahne, Leah Hamilton, Leticia Vidal, Anne Hasted and others



Artificial Intelligence in Sensory Practice: Separating Promise from Hype. 

Joint SSP and sensometrics WORKSHOP

Lead by Rafal Drabek

Participants: Amanda Grzeda, John Ennis, Leah Hamilton


PLS regression and related component based methods in sensory science

Lead by Tormod Næs

Tormod Næs will give an introduction on component based methods, then there will be a presentation by the three participants before a discussion.

Participants: Marieke E. Timmerman, Harald Martens, John Castura


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